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Hiro+ is a community of entrepreneurs and creators working together to make a bigger impact. Join our warm and inclusive circle of makers as you grow your skills.

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Meet your new community of innovative friends and explore the growing your business together with us. Hiro+ is an online business school where we are creating and supporting new entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators and creators every day.

  • enjoy and make the best of your precious time 
  • learn with practicing creators, masters, and instructors
  • on-demand access to our learning content and community
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Online Courses

Audio Programs

Ai Power Hour

Build Your Audience, Increase Your Reach, and Profit with AI-Powered Private Podcasting in Just 1 Hour

Prompt Publish Profit

Simple 3-Step AI-Driven System To Automate A Flood Of Leads Using A Single Tool That Anyone Can Set Up Today

About the academy

Founded by Carla White, CEO of, the academy is unlocks proven strategies to help your business grow regardless of your audience size, tech skills or budget.

Carla, the first woman to product an iPhone app, holds two master's degrees, speaks numerous languages, and boasts experience at the Pentagon. She dived into the tech industry during the Internet's infancy, collaborating with giants like NASA, Microsoft, and the Olympic Committee. Carla's debut app, still flourishing today, earned her the title "Queen of Apps" from Oprah herself.

She has helped thousands of podcasters, coaches, and experts in growing their businesses using nothing but the power of their voice.

Benefits Of Membership

In-depth Training

Explore over 900 video lessons, workshops, tutorials, articles, recipes and more in our library with new content added every month.

Live Office Hours

Join monthly livestream sessions with the Hiro Team to connect with the community and get support for your own learning.

Creative Community

Join a positive, vibrant, and inclusive community of bakers from all over the world with our private groups and forums.

Passive Income

Join us in a co-working session to focus on deep work, get feedback, and get things done with the support of our amazing community.

Extra Support

Join monthly livestream sessions with Felicia to connect with the community and get support for your own learning.

Valuable Connections

Join a positive, vibrant, and inclusive community of bakers from all over the world with our private groups and forums.

What's comes with Hiro Plus?

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Major media and TV across the globe

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Write A Best-Seller In A Weekend Using Ai

Get a free copy of our best-selling book, “Prompt Publish Profit”, and unlock the formula to writing your own best-seller in record time. 

Every step of your journey

from inspiration to profiting audio shows, we are here to support your entrepreneur journey

Tools + Tactics

Everything you need in one software and the tactics to profit without even picking up a mic, even if you're starting from zero.

Ideas + Inspiration

Inspire and be inspired by the warm and wonderful community of entrepreneurs and creators in our community.

Connections + Support

Use our Community to share your goals, find connections and partnerships, and get support to grow your business.


Exclusive access to our private groups where you can connect with other incredible coaches, course creators and content makers just like yourself.

Our groups are a safe space to share ideas, get inspiration or a helping hand and potential partners to help your business grow.

Get Hiro Now

Hiro is your cutting-edge solution for creating immersive private podcasts, audiobooks, and courses, all within a matter of minutes without a hint of tech skills.


It's the world’s only interactive private podcast platform specifically designed for coaches, course creators, authors and experts of any kind. Hiro puts you in the driver’s seat, breathing new life into your content and profits in your bank account.

Client Testimonials

“I hit $1M in sales after adding audio to my business. Refund requests went down, completion rates went up, and not I'm making over $10M.”
Kiana Danail
“I joined 30-Day Podcaster wanting a way to capture listener details whenever I'm a guest on a podcast. Now I have 4 ways to do that!"
Milton Mochels
“I joined Hiro for the cool software. The community and coaching is a sweet surprise bonus I didn't expect. This company really cares about your business.”
Ricky McVay

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the community?

The Hiro+ community is a safe space to share your ideas, get feedback, and connect with other amazing entrepreneurs like yourself. In addition, we continually add courses that will help your business grow.

Do I need a podcast to join?

Not at all. While most of our discussions and trainings are about private podcasts, audio courses and audiobooks, we also help you build your network and sales with proven marketing strategies.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! The community is free to join. Some of the groups and courses are accessible only through a Hiro subscription or one time payment.

What is

Hiro is a software that lets you create and distribute interactive private podcasts, audio courses and audiobooks. It’s private audio combined with SMS messaging to create an immersive experience. Learn more on the Hiro website.

Why do I need audio?

Audio products like podcasts and audiobooks has been doubled in the past few years. In fact, more people listen to audio on a daily basis than have Netflix accounts! Best of all, these listeners have an average household income of $250,000 and consume 90 minutes of audio a day. But most importantly, audio is trusted over any other medium out there. Bottom line, if you are using audio, your competition will.

Can I speak to the manager?

Sure! If you need help or have more questions, reach out to us anytime. We would love to hear from you!