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Meet Carla White, CEO of

After spending over $100,000 on coaching, Carla realized there was a need to a community with proven tactics that actually shift the bank account.

She created to give entrepreneurs the power to share their knowledge quickly without having to create videos, membership sites or complex systems. It lets your audience learn on the go, without sacrificing productivity.

The community and courses you’ll find here, teamed with Hiro software, will help you crush the competition, even if their industry giants.

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Where viral videos and Ai intersect. Buzzworthy is the best Ai-fueld viral video writer for every creator.

Transform viewers into followers and turn those followers into customers by harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI for viral video scriptwriting. Yes, it really can be automated, and no, you’re not dreaming.

Other Projects

Gratitude Journal

The first woman to launch an app on the App Store, Carla’s debut app, Gratitude Journal, has been at the top the charts for over 12 years.

Carla recently sold the app for an undisclosed amount.

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Other Projects

Radical Shift

Carla’s podcast, Radical Shift, was selected as the top podcasts to listen to by Entrepreneur Magazine. Filled with humor and honest, her show is designed to help you grow spiritually, personally and financially.


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