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30-Day Podcaster Challenge

Launch, Promote & Profit From Your Podcast In Just 10 Minutes

Discover how to launch a premium podcast using Ai and use it to grow your list, book your calendar full and grow your business on autopilot.


let's face it

Everyone is fighting for attention and it's exhausting

Daily social media posts take hours

Unless you have a team researching, creating, posting and commenting, it's a lot of work for a few seconds of attention.

Online events are ghost towns

Attention spans are shorter than a goldfish, so nobody wants another challenge, workshop or webinar.

Ad costs are through the roof

It's a little inside secret that a many coaches and course creators shut off their ads a long time ago. It's like burning money.

Popups & web sites are like brick walls

Asking people to click links, enter details and jump through hoops for your PDF isn't working..

"Podcasting is the fastest and trusted channels for building and promoting brands"
Bernard Kelvin Cline

But Some Coaches Are Acing The Game

I got seven new clients!

I'm a huge fan of this program because I already landed 7 new clients before I even finished the course!

Bethany Williams. WordPress Coach

I'm blown away by how powerful this is!

Click-here-do-that coaching is exactly what I needed. I was only a few days into this course when my mind was exploding with so many ideas.

Simon Kozlowski

Way easier than a webinar.

I'm a huge fan of this program because I already landed 7 new clients before I even finished the course!

Susan Crews, Coach

My audience loves this!

This game-changing approach is perfect for both rookie podcasters and seasoned pros looking to level up without emptying their wallets.

Sue Hyatt

"Attention is the new oil."
Alex Hormozi


30-Day Podcaster

30-Day Podcaster is a NEW way to launch and grow a podcast – where you learn by actually taking action every day. By focusing on daily actions, you’ll build your show, grow your audience and learn how to profit over thirty days following daily guided workouts with your instructors, Michelle & Carla.



Go from idea to premium podcast using Ai. You don’t even need to touch a mic. All in one setting.



Unlock fast growth strategies without ads…even if you’re starting from zero.



Discover how to turn your podcast listeners into paying clients without ever being pushy or salesy.

what makes this

Different from the others

No theory

And no hidden sales either. Simply learn by doing with 10-minute "win sprints"

Ai does the hard part

Accomplish in minutes what used to take weeks and a team to do

Community support

Get lifetime access to our private community where you can connect with others

Just 10 minutes

The best part is your only need 10 minutes a day

Faster profits

Get premium client without complicated launches or expenisive ads

No equipment needed

Produce professional sounding shows by cloning your voice or using Ai

lifetime access

To daily power lessons

Learn at your own pace

Take action each day or binge a week at once. Then rewatch as much as your heart's desire.

At-a-glance worksheets

Each day you get a worksheet breaking down the task, prompts and cheatsheets.

Private members area

Get lifetime access to our private group where you can connect with other show hosts to promote your show.

All levels

Whether you're a tech wiz or just starting out, the steps are simple enough for anyone to follow.

We Just Don't Help You Launch a Podcast, We Help You Profit

Attention is the new scarce resource. The next generation of millionaires and billionaires will be the ones who get the most attention. Premium podcasts unlock that resource without having to invest in ads, teams or equipment.

0 M

daily podcast listeners (that's more than Netflix subscribers)

0 Mins

audio listeners tune in for an average 1.5 hours a day

$ 0 K

average household income of audio listeners

$ 0 B

portable learning market where $1B is spent a ay

You are just minutes away from exploding your business

Here’s what we cover week by week.


Use Ai to make a show

Discover how to make jaw-dropping premium podcasts that turns listeners into piping-hot leads and makes your list grow like wildfire, all without picking up a mic.


Launch like a pro

Your small (or big) audience is mightier than you think. Discover how to get them to do the marketing for you to achieve an unforgettable launch.


Put your show on autopilot

Build an entire system in minutes and discover how to put everything on autopilot, brining in leads 24x7 and crushing your competition. All using one simple tool that anyone can master.


Get clients

Stop wasting time with "discovery calls" and start getting clients happy to pay you money with a win-win system that leaves everyone feeling great.

"I used to spend months launching a course, but not anymore.."

Creating lead magnets and setting up all the systems used to take me forever. Now I have a way to create courses as soon as I get an idea! It's incredible.

Nellie Corriveau

Meet your coaches

Michelle & Carla

Hello! I'm Michelle Abraham, founder of Amplifyou. My company has been described by Shark Tank’s very own Kevin Harrington as the top podcast management company in North America. Me and my amazing team have launched more than 400 podcasts in the last three years alone and manage over 75 shows weekly.
Hello! I’m Carla White, and I founded to help entrepreneurs launch grow their business through private, premium podcasts, audio courses and audiobooks. I’m the creator of #30daypodcaster, an 4-week online intensive that helps people create & launch their profitable & powerful audio courses.

I’ve been a tech founder for almost 20 years and helped personal brands make millions of dollars by launching their audio courses.


imagine this day

You run your business like $10M giants with a fraction of the costs

If you’re struggling to keep up with the complexities of funnels, my system offers a breath of fresh air. Instead of battling through making funnels or marketing copy, you’re about to discover and easier and faster way to capture an audience and turn them into paid clients — so that they can put your energy into areas of your business you love without sacrificing success.

Launch in a couple hours

This system requires ZERO websites, membership sites, writing copy, making slides, or creating a single video. The tech is so simple that everything can be set up in a couple of hours to start attracting the right customers.

Instant authority

High-quality podcasts can quickly establish you as an expert in your field, rather than just a salesperson. It is important to be seen as an expert or advisor because If they are paying you for your advice, they need to know that what you say is valuable. The more effective you are at establishing yourself as an expert, the more successful you will be and the better clients you will attract.

Massive trust

When people press play, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin surge as they listen to you, making them feel connected to you on a deeper level. That connection is called a parasocial relationship – more than just tuning in; they get to know YOU on an even deeper level.

Everything is 1-tap instant

The future is instant access right on your phone. Zoom calls, live video and tradition lead magnets don’t hold the same weight as they did in 2019. With 30-day Podcaster, you can set up your entire system so that it’s both a personalized experience and effortless to the consumer as ordering dinner, watching a movie or getting a ride.

That's Not All!

Every Tool, Template and Playbook You'll Need is Already Included

Bonus 1: Library of ChatGPT Prompts

Unlock a treasure of Ai prompts that show you what customers want, write every workd of your show and create all your marketing materials.

Bonus 2: Free templates

Create professional looking cover art and social media posts with our drag-n-drop templates.

Bonus 3: Free updates

Get access to new prompts, training videos and our latest updates as long as your part of the program.

Leap Into Learning with our 30-Day Confidence Guarantee

We're so excited that you're thinking about joining our online course. We've got this a simple 30-Day Confidence Guarantee. Here's what it means: from the second you sign up, you have an entire month to check out all the course material, ask us anything you want, and start putting what you learn into action.

Now, here's the really cool part. If, during those 30 days, you decide that this course isn't quite your cup of tea, no problem at all. Just drop us a line, and we'll refund your course fee in full. No hassle, no hard feelings. We're super confident in our course, and we genuinely want you to succeed. If you're not feeling it, we're here to make things right. So go ahead, jump in, and start learning - it's completely risk-free! We can't wait to see you in the course!

Still have questions?

The daily “win-sprints” are pre-recorded videos you can access at your own schedule. And the weekly live Q&A sessions are completely optional. And the Q&A will be recorded so you can watch and rewatch at your own leisure.
30-day podcaster gives you guided daily tasks for 30 days, with flex days built in for when life happens. With each lesson 10 minutes, you can do them all in a couple of days back to back if you want.
The course includes daily 10 minute videos and a secure members area to connect with others, share ideas and get questions answered. You also get all prompts and checklists in an downloadable PDF format. And all software is either free or offers a free trial.
No, you don’t. We will create a “clone” of your voice and have Ai create all the episodes for you. Or you can use your phone and a set of ear buds to record your episodes. We give you all the software needed and walk you through all the technical bits (which aren’t that hard).

30-day podcaster is available on laptops, tables and your phone. The courses are available in a private members area as well as the Hiro mobile app.

30-Day Podcaster is a NEW way to grow your podcast – and for less than a regular podcast course, you’ll enjoy frustration-free progress to improve your content, grow your audience and enjoy passive income. We think it’ll be your favorite podcasting course ever – So even though it’s only a month, you’ll get three full months to go through everything and make sure it was right for you. If not, just contact our friendly support team for a full refund.

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